IS16 – Diploma in Tahfiz al-Quran and Al-Qiraat** (KP/JPS (KR 7641) 11/11 MQA (A 7641))

IS16 – Diploma in Tahfiz al-Quran and Al-Qiraat
(KP/JPS (KR 7641) 11/11 MQA (A 7641))

Mode of Studies
Full time only

Entry Requirement (Local)
Pass in SPM / SPMV with 3 credits and pass in BAT/BAK/ or its equivalent.
** pass in the interview for IS16
***pass in BAT/BAK and English Language to apply IS18

Entry Requirement (International)
Candidates must have graduated at least 11 years experience of school with GCE ‘O’ Level or its equivalent recognised by MQA (at least with minimum qualification in Arabic Language)

Programmes Introduction
This Programme was established with the objective of creating the awareness to memorise AI-Quran as memorise Al-QUran as well as creating the huffaz generation who are not only righteous but can professionally perform in the industry. Students will have to memorise the Al-Quran as a pre-requisite for graduation and are able to further their studies at the local universities as well as overseas.

Programme Structure
Year 1 Year 2

• Hifz al-Quran l & ll
• Computer Application
• Preparatory English l & ll
• AI-Lughah al-Arabiah l & ll
• Malay Language A
• Islamic Studies
• Co-curriculum
• Malaysian Studies
• Tafsir Al-Quran l
• Al-Madkhal Ila al-Aqidah al-Islamiah
• Usul al-Qiraat

• Hifz al-Quran lll & lV
• Qiraat wa Hifz al-Mutun
• Al-Hadith wa Ulumuhu
• Mainstream English l
• Fiqh al-Islami ll
• Al-Lughah al-Arabiah lll & lV
• Co-curriculum
• Tafsir Al-Quran ll
• Ulum al-Quran l
• Qiraat wa Hifz al-Mutun l

Year 3
• Al-Lughah al-Arabiah V & lV
• English for Specific Purposes
• Hifz al-Quran V & lV
• Qiraat wa Hifz al-Mutun lll
• Tafsir al-Quran lll
• Qiraat Amali l & ll
• Rasm al-Quran
• Dabt al-Quran
• Occupational Eglish
• Fawasil
• Ulum al-Quran ll
• Tarikh al-Mushaf
• Internship

Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor

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