BC02 – Bachelor in Communication (Broadcasting) (Hons) KP/JPS (KA 8383)

Mode of Studies
Full time only

Entry Requirement (Local)
Pass in relevant Foundation Programme / pass STPM with 2 Principals / Diploma holder in relevant field / or its equivalent.

Entry Requirement (International)

Candidates must have graduated at least 12 years experience of school with GCE ‘A’ level or its equivalent recognised by MQA

Programmes Introduction
The programme prepares the students with comprehensive skills and knowledge required in the rewarding and challenging career of broadcasting. Students will be engaged with creative and practical processes of various television and radio productions through fast-paced and high-tech communications. Students are taught in the areas of producing, camera techniques, directing, lighting, script-writing, sound and editing.The Islamic perspectives and theories of broadcasting are- introduced to equip and train them to be more responsible media professionals.

Programme Structure

Year 1

• Malaysian Studies
• Malay Language
• Introduction to Mass Communication
• Islamic and Asian Civilisation
• Introduction to Psychology
• English for Communication l & ll
• Arabic Language I & ll
• Information and Communication Technology
• Co-curriculum
• Hafazan and Tajwid I & ll
• Islamic Studies
• Principles of Journalism
• Principles of Broadcasting
• Communication Theory
• Human Communication

Year 2

• Audio and Video Technology
• Principles of Public Relations
• Audio Production
• Visual Communication
• Script Writing for Radio and TV
• Introduction to Multimedia
• Hafazan and Tajwid III
• Communication Law and Ethics
• Principles of Advertising
• Organisational Communication
• Introduction to Sociology
• Speech Communication
• Broadcast Journalism
• Multimedia Technology

Year 3

• Foundation of Communication in AI-Quran
and As-Sunnah
• Principles of Publishing
• Radio Documentary and Public Affairs
• TV Production l & ll
• Media Appreciation and Critical Analysis
• Communication Research Method
• Web Production
• TV Production ll
• Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance
• Practical Training
• Graduate Exercise
• Elective

Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor(KUIS)

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